Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nightstand Redo-From Ugly & Ornate to Shabby Chic!

Hi everyone! SO excited about our first blog post! My mom and I will be sharing our DIY projects on a dime and we can't wait to start! With that said, I already have a big project that I have begun and am ready to start sharing.

My husband and I received a bedroom set of furniture when we got married 6 years ago. It was given to us, so at the time we were really happy to get it. Over the years, we have looked at it and thought, "Eh, it's just not our style". We are in the process of building a house and we are planning to buy a nice, new set of bedroom furniture for our new master suite (cannot WAIT to get that big king size bed!).

Anywhoo, our current bedroom furniture is going to be in a guest bedroom and I have taken under the laborious task of painting this beast of a bedroom set. Figured if it is going to stay with us it at least needs to look good!

Here are some pics of the furniture before...

The first picture of the nightstand is missing some drawers because I got ahead of myself and started the project without taking pictures - just a little too eager... The bed redo will be a separate post later because I am just not quite ready to face it.

So far, I have completed the first nightstand. After taking off the hardware, sanding with my power sander, painting it in two coats of creamy white paint, sanding the corners to distress and adding new hardware (with Gorilla Super Glue), this is what I have so far!

I played around with the drawers and decided the one with the medallion looks better in the middle - kind of balances out the piece.

One small piece down, only four pieces to go! I had to use super glue for the pulls because when I tried to drill the new holes for the hardware, they were too close to the original holes and they kept opening up, so super glue I did! I think it looks fabulous and can't wait to see what the complete set will look like. Stay tuned for more!!

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  1. wow wow wow WOW.... incredible! i know what you're saying, where you've acquired furniture that wouldn't have been your top choice, so this is an amazing way to make something more your style. seriously great job, i hope you'll share pics of the whole finished room!

  2. I DO like this! No comparison between the before and after! GREAT makeover...
    pk @ Room Remix

  3. What a change! Wow! I love it. You did good, girl.

  4. I love the re-do! It looks totally different. Nice job :)

  5. Oooh! Great transformation!!

  6. Ah, the miracle of white paint. Can't wait to see the rest! And welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :o)

  7. this turned out beautiful! I love the shabby chic look :)

  8. What a great transformation. I love the new color and drawer pulls. A lot of work but it really paid off.

  9. I adore painted furniture! Can't wait to see them all done!