Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bulletin Board to Wall Art!

This project was completed over a year ago, but I had to share because it is one of my faves! When my mom and I get together we come up with the BEST decorating ideas on a dime! I was trying to find a cheap, but cute piece of art for my son's nursery. It had to be pretty big because I needed to cover up the electrical box in his room. So, my mom came up with the PERFECT idea. First, we went and bought a cheapo bulletin board at Wal-Mart for $5. This is just an example of the one we bought, but you get the idea...

Then, we took leftover fabric we bought at the $2.99/yard fabric store - LOVE that store!! Here is a closeup of the fabric - my mom made beautiful curtains with the fabric from the deal of the century fabric store. Here is a shot of one. Isn't it gorgeous!?!
We took the two fabrics and ripped them into strips. The edges look raveled but I like that look. We then took the tan fabric and stapled the strips to the bulletin board side-by-side until the board was covered. We made sure to pull the fabric tight before we stapled it to the back of the bulletin board.

Next, we took our blue toile fabric and wove it through the tan fabric stapled to the board. It reminded me of weaving potholders with a little kit I had when I was a little girl. After weaving and stapling the rest of the fabric, this is what we had...

We took a little ribbon and stapled it to the back of our "art" and then we hung our masterpiece over the ugly electrical box! Here is a close up of the box - you really have to look to see it when you are in the room...

Here is a close-up of the fabric. You can see the frayed edges...

I couldn't be more pleased with it! Total cost was around $10 for the board and the fabric! The perfect solution to my "cheap but cute wall art" for my son's nursery!

I will be linking this project over at Kimba's blog for DIY Day- check it out!



  1. Sooo precious!

    That's the perfect baby room, serious!


  2. Genius! I love this project, it looks great. You have a totally custom piece that looks expensive!

  3. Love it! Totally camouflage your box, and is SUPER cute!

  4. So pretty. I love it! You did a wonderful job!


  5. Could not be any cuter if you tried! I am going to remember this one. My DIL would LOVE one for Christmas! Thanks so much! Deborah

  6. Terrific job. Great project!

  7. Another great project! Very fun.


  8. Wow! That looks amazing. What a brilliant idea.

  9. That is such a great idea! Very chic looking!