Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Changes & Laundry Room Organization

Ok, so obviously blogging has not been tops on my list for the past few months, since I haven't posted since March! Sometimes this blog is a huge reminder of how fast time flies.  Anyway, I decided to take some shots around the house of some little changes that I have made for the summer.

Nothing spectacular - just adding in some ferns and some touches of summer - starfish, shells, lanterns, etc.  I also bought a big lumbar pillow from Target for $30 and took away the mountain of pillows off the couch.  I just get tired of moving multiple pillows to another chair each time we need to sit down.  In the end, practicality and simplicity wins.

In other news, I have talked my husband into making this today...

Here is the link -

I can't wait to get it set up in our laundry room that has no storage.  I think it will make putting the laundry away much easier!