Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dresser Redone as a Dining Room Sideboard and New Drapes!

One project down and one meeellion left to go! If you want to see my project list, click here.  So, the first project I tackled was our old bedroom dresser.  I decided to paint it and change out the hardware, so that we can use it as a sideboard in our new dining room.  Here is the before...


Here is a picture after one of the three coats of paint!  I used Behr Paint and Primer in One in Cherry Cobbler.  Click here to see the color. 

And here is the after - sanding, 3 coats of paint, slight distresssing, and new hardware...

In other news, my mom and I are making new curtains for my dining room and living room.  We started with a pair of cotton duck panels from Big Lots (for $15 a pair!) and a package of No Sew Hem Tape...

...and 2 yards of Waverly Damask Duet fabric - one yard bought from Calico Corners for $24.99 and the other yard bought from Etsy for $14.95.  The fabric is the one to the far right. These other fabrics will be in my living and dining rooms...

We cut our fabric, hemmed it with our No Sew bonding tape, and then attached it to the top of the curtain panels to make longer, custom-looking panels at a fraction of the price.  Here is us ironing our no-sew panels!

Even though it was a no-sew project, it was still tiring!

And here is the partial after.  We are going to Wal-Mart tomorrow to purchase some inexpensive braid trim to add to them and then we will put up a final after, but here is what we have so far...

We are pleased with them so far and we figured that we made custom panels for about $30 a pair! Not a bad deal!! Be back tomorrow for a final curtain reveal!

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  1. You are a riot!! I love the furniture and curtain panels...you rock!!

  2. You two are so awesome the dresser turned out beautiful and the curtains are gorgeous! I love the fabric you picked out.

  3. What a gorgeous sideboard it became. I love the color and the hardware. The curtains turned out lovely as well.

  4. wow! that dresser sure does make a fabulous sidebar, ESPECIALLY in that gorgeous red color with new hardware.
    and the curtains are pretty awesome, too!

  5. love them both! Isn't Big Lots awesome?!

  6. Cherry Cobbler...what a pretty shade of red and such a yummy name. :) Totally loving the fabric you used on your curtain panels. Can't wait to see them completed!

  7. So fun to see a piece in an unexpected room used not as it was intended. The color looks great. Nice job. It was definitely worth the effort.

  8. Love that red color! It looks so happy to be red.

  9. That looks great. I want to add a different fabric to the bottom of my panels in the guest room. Thanks for showing how you did it.

  10. I love the color! You did a great job on the finish!

    I'm a NC girl too.

  11. The red really makes this piece! It was a nice piece to begin with, but a little boring. The bold color choice brings it up to date and makes it a unique piece.

  12. Red is such a fun accent color- I love it!

    Thank you so much for linking up with the Talented Tuesday link party at My Frugal Family, which is hosted every Tuesday. Please feel free to stop back in every week and post your newest projects!

  13. Love the red sideboard. Paint is so wonderful-what would we do without it!

  14. I am loving the red!!!!
    It came out beautiful!!!!!

  15. That sideboard is definitely everything I want plus more. What a wonderful job!

  16. Wonderful Job! I'm a HUGE fan of repainting furniture, so well done! I also love the no sewing!! I'm breaking down and learning, but it's nice for a quick option. I linked up to reinvented for the first time...so many great ideas!

  17. Beautiful job! I love the color. The new hardware looks so much better.

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day!
    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of your great ideas!

    BTW - I love your fabric choices. I have the Waverley stripe in my bathroom!