Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Projects - Coffee Table and Guest Bedroom

Today, I decided to tackle the coffee table on my to-do list. Here is the table I found a couple of months ago at Hotline for $50 - solid wood and just a little worn...

I have decided to sand and stain this bad boy a rich mahogany brown, and I am hoping and praying it will turn out okay.  I have never stained a piece of furniture and am totally flying blind here!  
So far, I have sanded with my DeWalt sander using 150 grit sandpaper and applied a coat of Dark Walnut stain.  It was leftover from another project and I thought it would work.  It didn't.  I didn't like the color AT ALL.  I only stained the top just to see if I liked it.  See for yourself...

So, I headed to Ace and bought some Bombay Mahogany Stain and Polyurethane in One.  

I resanded the table and so far I have one coat applied.  The can says it will take at least 6 hours before I can apply another coat in the right conditions.  Since it is FREEZING here and in my garage, I am going to wait to apply the second coat tomorrow.  As soon as I do that, I will put up a picture!  For now, here it is with one coat (please ignore all of the other items - our garage is a wreck right now, since we are in the process of moving)...

In other project news, my mom is mailing me her old white curtain panels (cotton duck material) so that I can add this fabric to the top to make panels for one of our guest bedrooms.  I bought this at Wal-Mart for $4.44 a yard - what a steal!

I am going to use the extra to make a bedskirt and maybe a no sew pillow.  This room is going to be white, black, and aqua.  Here are some of the items I have bought for this room...

These aqua pillows from HomeGoods (LOVE THAT STORE!) $29.99 for two, big, down pillows!

A duvet cover, shams, and a pretty black and white pillow from Target...

Two lamps from Old Time Pottery in Wilmington - $30/piece...once again ignore the crap in the background - all of this is hanging out in my garage...

And this mirror from HomeGoods - hard to tell what it really looks like in the box but saving it for the move...note the lawnmower in the black - classy...


Hopefully the wind will slow down and I can spray paint the headboard I have been meaning to paint tomorrow.  We are hoping to start moving into our house in three weeks so I better speed things up.  New house pictures to come this week, too!


  1. The black, white and turquoise room will be so pretty. Love the things you have bought so far. Can't wait to see the finished table. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Love the color ideas for the guest room!! I got some panels from walmart.com today in the mail that I am going to try and make some curtains with...we are decorating our master bedroom slowly but surely. I have paint patches on the walls trying to pick the right color...Restoration Hardware Silver Sage is a front runner right now.

  3. Oooh! That is the color of our new master bedroom and bath! Such a pretty color and the color changes throughout the day - depending on the light! I am planning on using lots of white and gray in there - let me know what you end up choosing!

  4. Love all your choices and HomeGoods is like the BEST STORE EVER! Did you see all the new lamps they have in>>> sooooooo pretty I wanted to get a new one for every room in my house!