Saturday, January 30, 2010

In a Blogging Rut, New Project Before Pictures, and Some New House Stuff!

Sorry for the lack of posts since Christmas! With our new house being almost finished and a 20 month old running around on my hands, blogging has not been tops on my list! We are hoping to be in our house by the beginning of March and I have so many projects to do before then! Here is a rundown...

1.  Paint our bed white and distress it to match the nightstands I did a few months back.  This bed will be in a guest bedroom in our new house since we are getting a king-sized bed.  Here is a picture of one of the nightstands...

Here is the bed I have to paint.  I am thinking about spray painting it since there are so many nooks and crannies on this thing!  

2.  Paint our bedroom dresser red to go in our new dining room and serve as a console/hutch for our dishes. I am painting it Cherry Cobbler by Behr - the primer and paint in one - I can't wait to try this paint!  Here is the dresser and the paint color.
I also want to change out the hardware to an oil-rubbed bronze and change a couple of the pulls to knobs.

3.  Paint the headboard for our second guest bedroom black.  I am planning on spraying it with Rustoleum Canyon Black to go with a pair of nightstands that look like this...
I spray painted these back in the summer and added new hardware.  Right now they serve as our end tables but they will be in a bedroom in our new house.

Here is the headboard and also a pic of our guest bedroom now.  Had to add this pic because I have always loved this room and will miss it!
The new guest bedroom will be decorated in white, black, and aqua and I am really excited to show final pics once we are in and settled!

4.  Paint this console table a pretty blue color and change out the hardware to go with our new chairs. I am posting our new furniture styles and fabric colors near the end of this post...

5.  Strip and restain this coffee table I found at our local thrift store for $50 - and it is solid wood!  It looks like there is only one coat of stain and no poly on it so it should be a fairly easy job.  I am planning on staining it a dark mahogany color.  Here is the table...

6.  And my last project (that is a beast of a project!) is this hutch.
It was recovered from a beach house that went under in a hurricane so there is a lot of damage to the wood and it needs a ton of work.  Ugh.  I might have to wait on this one for a while.  I need to take the glass out because it is paper thin and fragile.  New molding and trim and a paint job and I think it will be beautiful.  It is a really old piece...

Those are the projects I have to complete in the next month and I am starting first thing next week! We are having a huge snowstorm this weekend so the projects have been put on hold for now!

I also wanted to share some other new house "stuff".  We went and picked out our kitchen countertops yesterday and here is a sample...

The cabinets are going to be white with a charcoal gray glaze and we will have white subway tiles as the backsplash.  This is quartzite and I love it because it looks like marble but has the durability of granite! So excited about these countertops now that we have them picked out!

Here are the colors I am using in the living and dining areas...

The couch is going to be this neutral beige fabric on the far left and the style of the couch is this below...
The multi-stripe fabric will be accent pillows for the couch.  The solid blue fabric (it is a robin's egg blue and looks more green than it really is) will be on the two accent chairs that are in this style...
The fabric is more of a duck material than what is in this picture.  The furniture is made by Four Seasons

The fabric on the far end in the picture above I bought from Calico Corners.  My mom found curtain panels in a beige duck material for $15 a pair at Big Lots! Thanks, Mom!  We are going to take the Calico Corners fabric and add it to the plain panels for a custom look.  I am also going to make a couple of accent pillows with the leftover fabric.  I am hoping to incorporate a red fabric as well, since it looks so good with the robin's egg blue.

Lastly, here are two lamps I bought at HomeGoods yesterday.  They were $40 apiece, but it was worth it, because I am in love with these lamps! Ignore the surroundings - these are stuck in my garage until the move!
So, that is all for now!  I am looking forward to being busy with these projects on my to-do list and I will be posting pics from those next week!


Monday, January 18, 2010

New House Pictures!

Here are pictures of our new house!

Add black shutters and paint the front door red and the front is almost finished!

This is the view from the front door looking into the living area and the kitchen to the back left.  The dining room is immediately to the right and I would have posted pictures but it is a little confusing to see what the rooms are like until lighting is put in.

This is our kitchen - the knee wall has been put up for the island with a bar top and my sink will be in front of the bay windows.

 And here is the back of the house - it is still in the process of being painted but should be finished this week!

Not sure why I am having so much trouble with the last pic being so small but it won't let me make it any bigger!  More inside pictures will come as soon as the sheetrock is finished being patched and sanded.  We are hoping to be in by the first of March and I am beyond thrilled to decorate a clean slate!!!

That's all for now! Thanks for taking a look!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some Winter Decorating (not really)...and a Peek at My New House!

Well, in my attempt to decorate my bare house after Christmas, I was planning on making my house look wintry. Turns out, I just put out some accessories I don't usually have out, pulled in some new items, and just made do with what I have. With the move coming in late February (fingers crossed!) I really didn't feel like doing a decorating overhaul. So, here are some of the things I have done to get me through until we move...

Changed out a couple of pillows on my couch - the center pillow is the leftover fabric from this chair. Right now the fabric is just wrapped and tucked behind the pillow - need to get my Stitch Witchery out and make it a permanent pillow...

I brought out my starfish and used a white platter for this table - I felt like bringing in more cream and white for winter..

I went out in the yard and found some sticks, spray painted them Rustoleum Heritage White and stuck them in this vase. Placing those sticks so they looked right was a pain in the butt - and I was trying to strategically place them so no one loses an eye when they walk by them...

Those books under the vase I found at our local thrift store yesterday. I also scored a coffee table and some milk glass - once I can get my husband to help me get the table out of my car I will post pics.
The tree used to be here - now replaced with a chair from another room and my shell picture. It may look a little summery but we live at the beach so I think it fits - plus it matches my sofa perfectly!
The console table is going to get painted blue as soon as it gets a little warmer - we have been in the 30s for over a week now! Ugh! This Carolina girl doesn't like for the temp to drop below 50! Anyway, I am thinking about painting it blue with distressing and oil rubbed bronze hardware. The look in my new house is going to be a little different and I want to refinish some furniture for it.
Printed this egg picture from Vintage Printable - LOVE that sight. Click the link to check out tons of cool images to print! I am addicted and pretty soon every framed picture I have will be from there!

And one last small touch on the end table - some white balls and a pretty candle put on a saucer from our everyday dishes - that's all for now!

Oh, almost forgot about pics of my new house... here is the front...
Since this picture we the trees out front have been removed and it has been painted white...will get new pics up ASAP!

And the back - now there is a deck below and above up on the 2nd story on the left...hard to explain without pictures...

In a couple of days I will post the coffee table and hutch that I am going to redo - Hopefully this cold-snap will break in a couple of days!

I am linking up to the Friday Winter Party at The Inspired Room!