Monday, October 26, 2009

Deck Transformation!

Well, as our family is planning to pack up and move to our new house in a few months, I have been thinking about all of the transformations the house we have lived in for almost 5 years has undergone. I have worked super hard trying to make our home comfy - indoors and out. I thought I would share pictures of our deck before and after while I am looking back on the past (almost) 5 years...

The deck when we moved in... I don't think the previous owners were outdoorsy people...just a wild guess...

The deck now - I love decorating indoors AND out!

I will be posting more before and after pictures of the rest of our house soon!


  1. love it! I wish I could sit and enjoy some ice tea!!

  2. Serene and peaceful....ah, so wish I could make my outdoor spaces look like that! I'm a new follower :o)