Wednesday, December 30, 2009

After Christmas Decorating...

Well, the Christmas decorations are down at my house and everything has been deep-cleaned. We are moving into our new house in a couple of months so I am struggling with whether or not to pull out a lot of decorative accessories or keep things to a minimum, since I will have to pack it up again anyway!

My mom and I were talking over Christmas about how this time of year can be kind of hard for decorating. She wants to keep it looking wintery in her house without it looking like Christmas. Anyone have any good, simple, winter decorating ideas that aren't cheesy looking?

On another note, I think I am going to tackle a small bookcase for my son's room this week and a hutch that was rescued from my in-laws old beach house that was destroyed in a hurricane. That hutch needs A LOT of to come!!!


  1. Christmas colors are usually bright green, bright red, or silver and gold, etc.

    Winter colors, to me, are darker, warmer colors. Such as an evergreen, or a burgundy or a warm harvest gold.

    I have two seasonal looks: spring/summer and fall/winter in which I move some of my furniture around and bring out other accessories to warm it up.

    For instance, putting out throws or pillows in those colors would be nice. Adding books and candles around in those colors. Wood accessories would warm it up too.

    Have fun and take pictures please! I love how you both decorate!

    ~ Nan

  2. I saw some great things last year as far as winter decorating with cloches. Many bloggers were using faux snow and snowflakes and wintery items in the apothacary jars and cloches. I can't wait to get my Christmas decor down - but we are still at my parents visiting and won't be back home until the new year. As much as I enjoy having the Christmas decor out, the organizer in my loves this time of year and having a fresh slate. Can't wait to see the bookcase you do!