Monday, November 9, 2009

Junky Bookcase Made Beautiful!

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of dishes. You know, the usual odds and ends and many items that I bought at Goodwill. The problem is they were all hidden in the cabinets.

Soooo, the other day I had this crazy idea. You see, for the last 15 years there has been an old dilapidated bookcase in the garage which held my gardening stuff, paint cans , tools - you know, just general junk. The interesting thing is no one seems to know where it came from - it's just always kind of been there. Well, after clearing all the stuff off I pulled that bookcase out and boy was it UGLY!! I started second guessing myself at this point. Well, look for yourself - you can see why. But at this point I figured I had nothing to lose.

I sanded it with my trusty sander. Sanded, sanded, and sanded some more. It had quite a lot of cracks and holes, so I used wood putty to fill them. Then I primed it with Kilz primer and painted it two coats of black.

Here it is in my kitchen with all its accessories. I think it turned out okay and as my sister would say, I've had fun "playing house" with it. (Any time I move furniture -which is quite often- or change things around she says I'm "playing house" again.)

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  1. Oooh, I love it! Playing house is always soooo much FUN!!!! Hope you have a FUN week! I'm now a new follower.


  2. Very pretty! It looks great now!


  3. What a lovely display on your new shelves!
    Nice work.
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  4. Looks beautiful!!! Great job. I never can have enough shelf space to put my "things". Love & blessings from NC

  5. Beautiful!!! Love the black!!! Classy look for sure!
    Mama Holli

  6. Looks great and moving furniture gives you a whole "new" house without the dent to the checkbook. It is fun and surprising how different a house and your things can look just moved around - or painted.


  7. They turned out so pretty. It really does show off all your pretty kitchen items so well.

  8. Nice redo! I love black spray paint!

  9. Very cute! It turned out nice - great job playing house!

  10. I have a love affair going with black spray paint, and I love black furniture... looks so classy! You did a great job.

  11. That looks great. I love the black


  12. Looks great, it is so fun "playing House" isn't it.

  13. What a beautiful change! I 'play house' every time I clean...I can't resist changing everything around. Great job on making your old shelf 'new' and pretty! :)

    Thanks for joining the DIY Show & Tell too!


  14. Looks so fab in black! I love pieces like this with lots of display area!

  15. It looks great!

    pk @ Room Remix

  16. That turned out amazing! I love a piece of black painted furniture in a room. I recently purchased a house and have been busy remodeling it. Come visit if you have time. I have two blogs. One is about my mosaic business call

    and the other is about my home, decorating, gardening etc.

    I live in the Asheville area of NC.

  17. Very pretty! The black is stunning against the dishes!