Monday, February 28, 2011

Organizing the Kitchen Office Area

When we were designing our kitchen, I knew that I wanted a small corner to be dedicated to an office space/mail hub.  I am so glad we have this in our kitchen and it is an area of our home that is always getting tweaked and organized. 

After living here for almost a year, I finally decided to organize the cabinets so I could easily find anything I needed.  One side was organized for office supplies and the other for small tools, meds, and basically junk drawer material that needed a home.  I hit up the dollar store and found cute little blue and green containers - 4 for $1.00! You can't beat that!  I love the dollar store for organizational containers, and they have so many fun cute colors and shapes!  Perfect for an organizing freak like myself.  No before picture, because I am so impatient and just jump right into a task.  So, here is the after! 

This is the office side - extra envelopes, pens, markers, pencils, sticky notes, etc.  are all stored in the left-side cabinet.  I didn't get a picture, but I also have greeting cards and blank stationary in the top cabinet. 

I printed out sticker labels and used a cute font from this website - Fonts for Peas .  Amanda is super talented and so sweet to share all of these cool fonts.  You can download them in a zip file - there are so many to choose from!  She also has great tips for customizing your blog.  I love her site!

Here is the right side of the cabinet.  Nothing super exciting, just neater and organized...

Thanks for stopping by!  I am going to be posting a couple of my favorite yummy appetizer recipes tomorrow!



  1. Looks great! Some of our cabinets sure could use an overhaul. I LOVE the Dollar Store too for this kind of stuff.

    Hope you are all well.

  2. I am glad you liked my tutorial for the Anthro necklace. If you post it on your blog let me know. I want to see it!

    Aubree from Yellow Blackbird

  3. Love all the organization and the pretty work area!
    Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comments. Great idea to add a little lamp to the bakers rack! I would have to play around with it a bit and figure out where to put it though since my phone is usually in the bottom left corner - I just took it off to "stage" my spring display! I swear I am changing things on there all the time! Thanks for the advice!